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If you have faith but not in institutions, hierarchies or technologies, you might find something useful here.
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Established in 2006, South Pacific Christian Anarchists is a loose network of people interested in exploring common threads in Christian and Anarchist traditions, practices and visions as they pertain to our part of the planet.
We have regular gatherings in Aotearoa New Zealand and Australia with members and supporters around the South Pacific and SE Asia. We are not affiliated to any particular church or strain of anarchism and have links to groups in North America, the Middle East and Europe.
People affiliated to this network consider themselves more or less actively committed to:
  • personal growth and communal transformation based on a relationship with Jesus, prayer and worship;
  • reflecting on the scriptures in relation to personal and collective experiences, historical and current events;
  • connecting in meaningful ways with people living in our local neighbourhood/area;
  • providing support and hospitality to people marginalised by mainstream society;
  • challenging injustice, domination and the abuse of power wherever it exists;
  • protecting creation and the natural environment from further degradation.


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